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Truancy 2 Cover

Truancy 2 is now available for your reading pleasure!

Truancy 3 is currently OPEN for submissions until 1 JULY 2016. We will be taking a short hiatus between 1 JULY 2016 to 1 NOVEMBER 2016 while I work on production of Truancy 3 and brief the guest editors for our special African Diaspora issue(Truancy 4).

You may access the Submissions Guidelines for Truancy here. I have now streamlined the Guidelines so you only need to read one page!

Delinquent’s Spice is closed for submission, and there will be no future volumes planned. This site will remain as an archive for the past issues of Delinquent’s Spice but will focus mainly on the Truancy project. Any future endeavors related to this project will be on a solicitation-only basis.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Follow the twitter account for this publication: @truancymag for updates!

The cover illustration for Truancy 2 is Rising Above, by the Malaysian artist ERYN (Winnie Cheng). Black and White Illustrations for Truancy 2 are by the Malaysian artist Akira Lee. Stock image for the website background is by Nicholas S (shadowh3).